Welcome to Acadia Theatre

Theatre is a four year program offering two streams of study, Performance and Production. We are dedicated to providing a student environment which features
•    Small class sizes
•    Skilled instructors with professional theatre experience
•    High academic standards

Training in Theatre involves the development of professional presentation skills and abilities in personal expression, qualities which give students an advantage in any field, in a highly competitive job market. Acadia Theatre is committed to producing articulate, enfranchised citizens of the global community, who possess the skills, the ideals and the resilience required to serve not only the arts but also the community at large. Theatre is a collaborative process that prepares students to be as flexible in the skills they acquire and apply as the modern world demands; we require Acadia Theatre students to work on both sides of the footlights. Our graduates work in many fields, from Public Relations, Law and Education to international NGOs, Business and the Entertainment industry. All our theatre students acquire practical and conceptual knowledge through academic and studio courses which enrich their sense of how theatre forms an integral part of all developed societies. We believe that the more things you can do with knowledge and flair, the more useful you will be in future endeavours, to the theatre, to yourself and to your community.