BA with Major in Theatre - Performance

All Performance majors must complete the following:

Arts Core (30h)

The Arts Core is a series of requirements common to all students pursuing degrees in the Faculty of Arts. We encourage completion of as many of these as possible in the first year:
•    6 hours of English from ENGL 1489-1493 or ENGL 1413 & 1423
•    6 hours in a single language other than English: French, German, Greek, Latin, or Spanish
•    6 hours of Social Science: Economics, Law and Society*, Politics, Sociology, or Women's and Gender Studies*
•    6 hours of Humanities: Art, Classics, Comparative Religion, History, Law and Society*, Philosophy, Music, Women's and Gender Studies* (NB. studio classes in Art and Music do not fulfil this requirement)
•    6 hours of Science: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth and Environmental Science, Engineering, Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Math and Stats, Nutrition, Physics, or Psychology

*Only 6h of LAWS or WGST may be counted for the Arts Core

Theatre Core (15h)

The Theatre Requirements are a series of requirements common to all students pursuing degrees in Theatre. We encourage completion of as many of these as possible in the first year:

1. THEA 1483 Introduction to Theatre 3h
2. Plus one of: THEA 2823 Intro to Production 1 3h
  THEA 2833 Intro to Production 2 3h
3. Plus one of: THEA 2883 Theatre Histories 1 3h
  THEA 2893 Theatre Histories 2 3h
4. Plus one of: THEA 3883 Modern Drama:  Ibsen-WWII 3h
  THEA 3893 Modern Darma:  WWII - Present 3h
5. Plus one of: THEA 4833 Theatre Ideas 1 3h
  THEA 4843 Theatre Ideas 2 3h


Performance Core (24h)

Performance Core: Voice and Movement (6h):

One of:    
THEA 2753 Performance Voice and Speech 1 3h
THEA 2763 Performance Voice and Speech 2 3h
Plus One of:    
THEA 2853 Theatre Movement 1 3h
THEA 2863 Theatre Movement 2 3h


Performance Core: Acting and Performance (18h):

All of, in order:    
THEA 2213 Acting and Performance 1 3h
THEA 2223 Acting and Performance 2 3h
THEA 3313 Acting and Performance 3 3h
THEA 3323 Acting and Performance 4 3h
THEA 4413 Acting and Performance 5 3h
THEA 4423 Acting and Performance 6 3h


Theatre Electives (6h)

Performance majors must also select 6h from the following list of Theatre Electives.

ENGL 2183 or 2193 Shakespeare 3h
THEA 2753 or 2763 Voice & Speech 1 or 2* 3h
THEA 2803 Topics in Film 3h
THEA 2823 or 2833 Intro to Production 1 or 2* 3h
THEA 2853 or 2863 Theatre Movement 1 or 2* 3h
THEA 2883 or 2893 Theatre Histories 1 or 2* 3h
THEA 3133 Playwriting 3h
THEA 3243 Dramaturgy 3h
THEA 3853 Theatre Movement 3 3h
THEA 3863 Dance in History and Culture 3h
THEA 3883 or 3893 Modern Drama 1 or 2* 3h
THEA 3973 Women and Theatre 3h
THEA 4013 Special Topics in Theatre 1 3h
THEA 4023 Special Topics in Theatre 2 3h
THEA 4313 Performed Violence 1 3h
THEA 4323 Performed Violence 2 3h
THEA 4613 Digital Theatre 3h
THEA 4833 or 4843 Theatre Ideas 1 or 2* 3h

   *whichever has not been taken for Theatre Core

Production Credits (15h)

In addition to their studio courses and Theatre electives, Performance majors must acquire at least 15h of Production Credits over 4 years by participating in one or both of the company’s annual productions.

Five of:   THEA PD03   (may be repeated a maximum of 6 times)

General Electives (30h)

Plus 30h of General Electives to equal 120h.  Please note that Theatre Electives may be selected.