Susann Hudson

Position: Department of English and Theatre, Technical Director

Office: BAC 438 and HDH 134

Phone: 902-585-1157

Teaching: The production side of theatre is equally about learning with your hands and your head. The Introduction to Production classes are survey courses that introduce a student to different areas of theatre production with lectures and hands-on projects.

The Production Credit that I supervise is about working in the behind the scenes departments of a theatre. Students are assigned to a particular department and help with all the work from start to finish in that area which can include, practical skills, research, problem solving, troubleshooting, time management and working effectively with a team.  Learning from myself and other professionals that are brought in on a show-by-show basis where the departments students work in include, stage management, costumes, set building, props, lighting, sound, projection, and publicity.

Selected Lighting Designs

Hamlet, Below The Salt

Dir: Ken Schwartz

Asst Dir: Emily Jewer

Photos Stoo Metz

Cast: Jackie Torrens, Sarah English,  Micha Cromwell, Genevieve Steele, Burgandy Code, Matthew Lumley

Costumes: Jennifer Goodman

Properties: Bob Chiasson

Hamlet lighting design   hamlet lighting   hamlet lighting

Macbeth, WillPower Theatre

Dir: Ken Schwartz

Photo: Stoo Metz

Cast: Margaret Legere, Sarah English, Francine Deschepper

Costumes: Sarah Haydon Roy

Stage Manager Christine Oakey

macbeth lighting

Heroine, WillPower Theatre

Dir: Original Direction Robert Seale

Photo: Stoo Metz

Cast: Francine Deschepper, Karen Bassett

Costumes: Andrea Ritchie

Producer/Stage Manager: Jeremy Webb

heroine lighting

Courses Recently Taught:

THEA 1001 and THEA2002 Production Credit

THEA2823 Introduction to Production 1

Theatre Production covering sets, scenic painting, theatre forms and stage management.

THEA2833 Introduction to Production 2

Theatre Production covering lighting, props, costumes and sound.