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Theatre is a four year program offering two streams of study, Performance and Production, and features  

  • Small class sizes
  • Skilled instructors with professional theatre experience
  • High academic standards

We believe that the theatre artist carries a major responsibility to serve not only the arts but also the community at large. Theatre is not just about acting but it is a collaboration that relies on the talents of designers, lighting and sound technicians, carpenters, painters, media and box office administrators. We believe that theatre artists must be sensitive to all of the areas that constitute the theatre experience: the more things you can do with knowledge and flair, the more useful you will be in future endeavors, to the theatre, to yourself and to your community.

For more information, contact Dr. Jessica Slights (, Chair, Department of English and Theatre.

Theatre Testimonial:
I realize that many students in the program want to work in the business but I ended up in law, what seems like a very unrelated career path but it's actually been incredibly useful. The Theatre program, more specifically the Production program, provides students with so many transferable skills. In addition to gaining academic skills like reading, writing and critical thinking through regular academic classes, the practical production side of the program gives students a chance to work in a team, to lead and delegate, and to work towards a common goal. There are not many BA programs that offer this type of experience. Unlike politics or sociology, it's an academic field which is a business in its own right. You and the other faculty members provided useful insight on how the business works, how important it is to make good connections and to work hard and diligently so that the work you get can lead to more work.

I just finished my first year of law yesterday and next week I'll be starting as a summer student with a local law firm. It's a pretty competitive market out there to get a job in law; there are dozens of students who apply for one or two available positions and I was lucky enough to get one. What I think set me apart was being able to express in my interviews how valuable my degree is without actually being used in a theatre context. Looking back, it's more beneficial than I could have ever imagined and I would like to thank you and the rest of the faculty for that.

Laura Broz '14


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ATC Presents J Caesar

The Acadia Theatre Company presents J Caesar directed by Michael Devine

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Minifest 2015

The 22nd International Minifest runs from January 21-24 in Lower Denton Theatre

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Jan 13/15 3:39 pm

Emil Sher - Learning to Adapt

Emil Sher will give a talk on Tuesday, February 10, in the Vaughan Memorial Library, Quiet Reading Room from 12 noon to 1:30 pm.

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Nov 6/14 3:06 pm

Coady wins best female actor award

Mary Fay Coady, '06, wins 2014 Best Female Theatre

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