Virtual Q & A with playwright Amy Lee Lavoie

THEA-4833-WI01: Theatre Ideas 1 is holding a virtual Q&A with playwright Amy Lee Lavoie on her creative process, along with a video of a public reading of their latest project Inferno on February 1st 2:30 PM - 3:50 PM at Emmerson Hall, 209

Inferno is a new hip-hop opera in development by IndieFest 2022 resident artist, Omari Newton and Amy Lee Lavoie. The workshop blends hip-hop, rap, beat boxing, sampling, R&B, and contemporary opera in celebration of BIPOC voices. The story reimagines ‘Dante’s Inferno’ as a feminist, anti-establishment, anti-colonial allegory, with the story’s framed layers of Hell representing oppressive systems of power. By analyzing the presence of Paradiso on this historical work, and by pairing opera’s high stakes and emotional richness with hip-hop’s text driven, poetic aesthetics, this musical fusion will ultimately culminate in an illustration of paradise for BIPOC people and communities.”

Everyone is welcome to attend!


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