Minifest 2013

The Acadia Theatre Company Presents MiniFest 2013!
April 3-6, 2013 - 7:30 pm
Lower Denton Hall
Tickets:  $10 or $6 for students


Come out and see six short plays for the price of one!

Launching Gavi, Written by Libby Emmons, Directed by Jessica Oliver
Fishing for Tigers, Written by Rebecca Williams, Directed by George Flanagan
Your Kiss is on My list, Written by Christopher Lockheardt, Directed by Nick Cox
Reflections, Written by Jonathan Cook, Directed by Parker Grant
Not Funny, Wirtten by Christopher Lockheardt, Directed by Danny MacFarlane
The Mimes and Mummers Convention, Writeen by Larry Thelen, Directed by Zach Craig.

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