ATC Presents J Caesar

Shakespeare’s Caesar Brought to Life at the Acadia Theatre Company

The Acadia Theatre Company’s production of J Caesar brings the beauty and power of Shakespeare’s original text into a fictional present day Rome where the politics are unmistakably contemporary.

In J Caesar a female Caesar threatens to destroy Rome’s Republic by being crowned Queen. Julia Caesar advocates a traditional, socially conservative way of life, with law and order and the rejection of reproductive rights and gender equity at the forefront of her beliefs. Brutus, a closeted gay man who is an advisor to Caesar, and Cassia, a feminist woman demoted from her government job by Caesar, ally with a group of conspirators to kill Caesar and re-establish the Republic. The aftermath of the assassination does not unfold in the way they predict, and Rome slides into civil war. 

Directed by noted international theatre director and Acadia professor Michael Devine, J Caesar brings to life some of Shakespeare’s most brilliant speeches, non-stop action, and a political landscape very like our own. J Caesar is a powerful and direct work which poses to audiences of all ages a thought-provoking question: what does it mean to be a citizen?

J Caesar runs Mar. 18—29 at the Lower Denton Theatre. Tickets may be purchased at the door or through the Acadia Box Office at 902-542-5500.

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