Acadia Theatre Company presents H of H Playbook, by Anne Carson

H of H Playbook, by Anne Carson
Directed by Michael Devine

A trailer park. A family facing eviction and death from a malevolent local despot. The family belongs to Herakles (Hercules), the legendary Greek hero, and the tyrant is Lykos, who runs Thebes like a mafia don. Herakles has been gone for years fulfilling the twelve labours for which his name lives in history. He returns a damaged man, contemptuous of his achievements and the status people attach to them. What he finds is a family that needs a superhero—but they may get more than they bargained for.

Canadian poet Anne Carson is celebrated world-wide for her translations of Greek classics and brilliant books that defy categorisation, such as Autobiography of Red, an alternate telling of part of the Herakles myth from a young gay man’s perspective. Michael Devine’s production of H of H Playbook, personally authorised by Anne Carson, will be the first production of the play in Canada.

Nov 15-18 and 22-25, 8 pm
Lower Denton Theatre
Tickets $20  Acadia Box Office

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